The core of freediving training relies on the breath (and the tolerance to lack thereof).
As freedivers, we learn to control and be in tune with our breath first and foremost.
Being aware of your breath and being able to normalize it and relax in a short amount of time is as crucial to the freediver as it is to every other person.
Calm concentrated breathing engages processes in the body that help us deal with stress as well as mental or physical fatigue.

Using various techniques inspired by yoga and adapted (or maybe improved) for freediving, we will discover how breathing works and spend some time exploring ourselves, after some basic stretching exercises.

I will bring you a bottle of water and some fruit for when we finish.
It is crucial for this practice for you to have a somewhat empty stomach so you can be more aware of your breathing.

Breathing & Relaxation

2 hours / 20 euros

This session can be done at any location.


  • - Exercise mat
  • - Comfortable clothing
  • - emtpy stomach for at least 3-4 hours