Dec. 20th 2019

This past September Monika Hopf, a fellow instructor and all round awesome lady, came to Zakynthos to train with me in preparation for her dives at the Authentic Big Blue competition in Amorgos.
We really hit it off and had a great time together, both in the water and out. So we kept contact and organized a little workshop near her hometown of Wiesbaden in Germany.
We worked with the students in a shallow pool first - after some stretching and breathing exercises - practicing technique, equilibrium in the water, ducks dives and holds.
Then on the second day we went to Siegburg where there is a 20m deep pool (Dive4Life) to practice equalization, depth diving and overall have a good time.
The students were really happy and we had an early Christmas celebration and lovely tasty meals after each training.
You can see a short video of the trip below.