January 5 2023

Freediving & Decompression Illness

How and when we can get the bends!

May 15 2022

Benefits of Slow Breathing

A video elaborating on the findings in the attached paper

Dec. 31 2021

The Mouthfill EQ Technique

A short video explaining this equalization technique

Apr. 6th 2020

Packing - Necessity or Trend

What is packing, methods, risks and is it really needed?

Mar. 15th 2020

Covid and Confinement

How to deal with social isolation and isolation from the water.

Dec. 20th 2019

Workshop in Germany

A workshop I taught in Germany with Monika Hopf.

Feb. 24th 2019

The Importance of Routine (and breaking it)

How important is routine in our lives?

Dec. 29th 2018

The Profundity of Meaning

The search for meaning and what we find underwater.

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Free Flow is a freediving and first aid school by Ioannis Aliazis, based on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

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