Here you can find reviews of me and my freediving school

"If you ever consider learning freediving or training your freediving skills, go to Ioannis. If you have never considered any of the above, go still to Ioannis :). I can only highlight what a blast I had during my one week training for level one (AA standards) with free flow, visiting amazing diving spots and improving your skills step by step in a very individual and pedagogically and methodologially sensible way. I adore Ioannis' philosophy of not chasing numbers and of considering the journey itself as a goal. You would never see him looking down on somebody. Instead he is super patient and attentive and really wants you to collect enjoyable diving experience. I could continue for longer, but in a nutshell: Ioannis is a really good human and I am super glad that I passed my first freediving certificate with this instructor. Thanks Ioannis."
"I was visiting the island of Zakynthos with a small group of finnish freediver ladies on October. Ioannis was with us the whole week from dusk till dawn. He showed us beautiful places both underwater and on the land and every day we saw something new. We did lots of fun dives but also some with the buoy. There was different level of freedivers what comes to the diving depth so the place was always chosen so that everyone manage to dive as much as possible and practice own depths. Ioannis also gave ways, ideas and techniques to try out on every dive if I was having an problem with my eq and really tried out to find the solution for the problem. At the end I think something clicked in me during that vacay and now I’m just waiting for open water season to start here in Finland to get to try if my ears works after all. Ioannis as a freediving instructor is so friendly, professional, helpful and always trying to find a fix for a problem and a way to succeed in one. He’s a calm and patient and seemingly loves what he does 🙏🏻 He always remembered to ask our feelings after and even during the dive, talk about even the smallest things on our mind, checked on our ears everyday to make sure we and our ears were ready for the next day. We also practiced with the balloons on land to find and feel how our breathing muscles work and what happens inside our mouth and body when we do an proper eq and to learn the technique as well as possible and also to make sure everything goes by the book in case of some false technique. We had such a fun week and I would 110% recommend Ioannis for any level of freedivers who are looking for going to Zakynthos and needs a guide and a instructor. He knows what he’s doing and teach in a relaxed way. Thank you once more and see you again! 🩵😊"
"Ioannis is the calmest person we've ever met! He brings the best teaching skills and attitudes to help you reach your goals! We went snorkeling together and had such fun times--and learned a lot along the way! That's because Ioannis is very knowledgeable about the area and its ecosystem, and well connected with locals and free divers around the world. Oh, he also brought a camera underwater so we got amazing photos and videos after the outing! Thanks, Ioannis!"
"One of the (maybe the!?) best freediving experiences in the Mediterranean! Ioannis is very helpful and caring. We had a lot of fun exploring amazing hidden bays of Zakynthos with crystal clear water as well as deep blue water diving which is possible almost everywhere not far from the shore."
"Yannis knows the best freediving spots on the island and is experienced instructor. Freediving with him is nice way to explore the island and improve your diving at same time :)"
"I have never seen such a magical water colors before! WOW! Ioannis was very caring and helped me to go through my turbulent personal life period. Diving was amazing and I managed to relax and improve my state and consciousness during the dive to go from anxiety and pressure to really enjoy it. Thank you for your support!"
"I had the time of my life doing the level 1 of apnea academy with Ioannis. I always felt super safe with Ioannis, who provided all the technical and safety information and support, while keeping the whole experience super fun, relax and enjoyable. Not only is Ioannis a very good instructor, he is also a very nice and super friendly human, with whom I had a great connection. You cannot go wrong going with him for your next freediving trip 😊"
"We had an amazing experience with Ioannis, i can’t recommend him enough! I reached out to him before my trip and he was so nice and accommodating to organize something with us in the little amount of time we were on zakynthos. We had so much fun exploring the island by boat and freediving in some different spots! He really knows his way around the island and gave us some awesome tips as well. He’s professional, cares about our safety, very generous and such a genuinely friendly person! Thanks Ioannis, we will be back! :)"
"10 stars! Ioannis has a wide knowledge and and brings you to amazing clear dive sites at Zakynthos. The communication is so easy and it is simply fun being with him. He explaines effectively the important aspects of freediving and guides you patiently in the water until you to have some efforts. He adapts perfectly to the needs of a beginner to make you feel safe and comfortable in the water. It was a great experience having my first lessons of freediving with him. Looking so forward to continue soon. Thank you!"
"I’ve stayed a week with Ioannis and not only he’s an amazing instructor, but also a real friend! The diving places were stunning and he’s really passionate about freediving and really calm teaching it. I really recommend him for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced freedivers!"
"We had a fun week with Ioannis and got to see some beautiful spots on the island that we’d never have found on our own. We’re holiday freedivers, so Ioannis’ coaching and refresher training was very helpful. I’d highly recommend some lessons / coaching with Ioannis (he takes a good photo too - thanks Ioannis!)."
"Did my first level freediving course here and it was more than I could wish for. Ioannis is an amazing and attentive teacher. The environment is wonderfully beautiful. Spent an amazing week here! Thank you Yanni!"
"Beautiful diving spots with a great instructor. Always helping and supporting in and out of the water. If you visit Zakynthos don't miss the opportunity to go freediving with Ioannis. And you will always get photos and videos of you during the sessions."
"Ioannis is the most incredible dude. He’s not only my freediving instructor, he’s a friend. Catch up in September bro 🌞"
"Thanks you Loannis for your kindness, motivation and generosity! You took me to some amazing dive spots, gave great guidance and also a feeling of safety in the water. Out of the water it was a pleasure to get to know you. I can't wait to visit again!"
"We went for a snorkelling/short hike with Ioannis near Keri beach. Would never have come to this location by ourselves probably. This was one of our favourite activities all week! Super good vibes ✌🏼"
"Ioannis is not only a passionate and reliable freediving instructor but also a trustworthy local guide, from before you arrive in Zakynthos until you leave, and even after. Ask him any technical freediving questions and he will reply, he will also provide you with all the equipment… just remind him your wetsuit size 😉"
"I had a great week with Ioannis, everything was just perfect.. His calm and patience helped me with overcoming my limits and learn techniques and ways to improve my freediving skills and I had a great experience. We dived in different wonderful places that were definitely rivaling my experience in Thailand. After diving sessions we had a lot of good time with grills, laughing, sightseeing and other amazing activities. Thanks a lot bro for an experience that I won't forget. I am sure I will come back soon 😉. God bless you 🙏🏻 🤗 ♥"
"The two of us did a two day introduction course of freediving with Ioannis, and it has been the highlight of our stay in Zakynthos. Ioannis is such a friendly and caring coach, but also a very experienced and knowledgeable freediver so we always felt in good hands. The practice breathholds we did in the pool and the practice dives we did in a beautiful small bay in the north of the island; each time completely exceeding what I thought my body would be able to do. Relaxation is key and you'll find no better teacher in this than Ioannis."
"I did my First Level of Freediving at Free Flow. As a beginner I couldn't imagine a better instructor than Yoanni. He was there for me all the time and I have received so much support, safety and knowledge - not only in the water. The comfort he provided during the whole course & stay helped me a lot to acquire this new skill. I have learned about freediving, but also about myself. Adding to this the beauty of Zakynthos with its hidden gems you cannot have a better experience. I recommend it with all my heart!"
"Ioannis is extremely skilled and friendly with huge knowledge about freediving, spearfishing and- not to forget - the island of Zakynthos, its beaches, dive sites and marine life. Had a super time and felt absolutely safe while diving. Hope to see you again soon, Ioanni!"
"Ioannis is an incredibly good freediving instructor. I learned a lot from him and had an amazing time during my stay!"
"Whoever has the opportunity should definitely come here. The water is incredible, the feeling of the whole island is a dream, Ioannis as an instructor is just the right mix of funny, somehow crazy and professional. I could write a novel. Never felt unsafe. I've improved in everything. Thank you 💙. I'll be back in a few weeks 💙💙💙.. Sorry again about your lost fish dude 😜"
"If I could give 10 stars I would! Ioannis is the kindest, funniest, and most humble instructor I’ve met. I’ve trained with many instructors before but Ioannis just has that special vibe in him. Glad to have made a new friend and can’t wait to freedive together again, best experience ever! 💙"
"Great free diving instructor, with a lot of focus on safety, efficient technique and well being. Highly recommended! 2023 edit: spent a week in Zakynthos with Ianni, he is incredible. I had a lot of fun discovering local dive sites, at the same time as I discovered local greek. Culture and cuisine with him. He is very caring and careful as a free diver, he wants you to succeed and, most of all, to enjoy it. Diving for fun with you was great! I want to come back and discover more! Cheers mate! FrozenCaprice4life"
"I enjoyed diving in Zakynthos very much! Water is beautiful there and dive sites are very nice, even some rock climbing happened 🤣Yoannis was kind friendly and professional, i would go to dive with him again 🙂"
"Yianni is not only one of the nicest guys on the planet, he is also a super professional instructor. He came to greet us upon arrival at the airport and even took us for basic shopping before having lunch together and then dropping us at the place we stayed in Zakynthos. Before we ever touched the water, he came to our place and checked my ears with his digital endoscope. Then he guided me through some important safety issues before teaching different equalisation and charging techniques. Only then I finally dropped into the pool to do some upside down equalisation drills. Being his sole student for a couple of days, I was glad enough having the chance to get to know him better and being introduced to the beauty of Zakynthos on our way to the dive spots. Being used to tropical temperatures I found it difficult to equalise in the cold water (19 deg C Mid May) and I couldn't manage to set a new PB. However, Yianni always found a way to make my dives enjoyable and to guide me on continuously improving the basic techniques. There's much more to tell, but I'll cut it short: I hope to come back and dive with Yianni soon again! Here are some of the great photos Yianni took."
"I had 2 sessions with Ioannis (of which one was a boat dive). He's caring and competent freediver - all his advice were backed up with good explanation why he says it. Also as he's a local guy, he knew the dive sites I wouldn't find on my own. Thanks mate."
"Fantastic day spent getting some specific pointers on technique. I have minimal experience but this time with Ioannis really helped me progress in freediving. Ioannis put me at ease and was very patient and reassuring. Would highly recommend. Thank you."
"Did my freediving level 1 at Free Flow. Yani teaches really well and I learned a great deal from this course. Besides this, he is a really nice person who is very flexible in planning the course days, where your input is heared. A strong emphasis on safety is definitely present, imho a very important aspect. While I have some experience with snorkeling and scuba diving, I struggled a lil bit with Frenzel equalization during the course, but in the end I finally managed. Hopefully the start of a beautiful freediving journey… All in all, I really recommend Free Flow Freediving. :) Thanks, Yani! Kind regards, the birding vegan."
"Ioannis provided an unforgettable freedive experience with his extensive knowledge, personalized approach, and genuine passion for the sport, creating an exceptional training atmosphere. He gave me many pointers to improve my technique😃. I can't wait for the opportunity to come back and dive deeper with him again in the future."
"I took the Freediving Level 1 course with Ioannis and I absolutely loved it! The course duration is 7 days so you really have the time to progress compared to the other academies (usually 2 or 3 days for just a bit lower cost...). Ioannis is a great instructor who adapts to your level and also a really nice person doing everything to make you have a great time on the beautiful island. Hope to see you again Ioannis!"
"Stayed with Ioannis for a week of diving on Zakynthos. Incredibly relaxed and talented instructor. Has lots of knowledge of the island and freediving spots. Adjusts to what you want to do and achieve. Overall fantastic guy to hang out with and willing to help with any questions and issues you have. Can recommend the Aggelika Apartments he can organize for you on the beach at Agios Sostis. Would always recommend!!"
"I booked a private spearfishing trip with Ioannis and it was great! Ioannis is an excellent teacher and provided all the equipment. We went out and were straight in the water, learning as we went along. It was a truly perfect first time spearfishing experience. I would strongly recommend."
"You could learn a lot about freediving and the science behind it spending time with Ioannis. He's a calm, professional and methodical freediving instructor. I would recommend everyone from beginner to advanced freediver to spend some time in Zakynthos with Ioannis. He knows a lot about apnea, the sea and practice what he preach. He's the real deal!"
"Had an absolutely amazing week in Zakynthos with Yianni! I had booked a few months ago as was looking for a summer holiday with freediving, but wanted to bring the non-diving partner as well. We’ve been to the island once before, but this was a more personal experience with lots of fun, exploring, training, fun diving and also plenty of time to wind down, relax and nap. Yianni is a very good instructor, he helped me with equalisation problems, taught me a new few things like alternative duck dive, softer equalisation and it worked, new PB of 25 m (I’m making very slow progress and struggle with equalisation, but he’s so patient). Beautiful dive sites with 50-60 m depth short swim from shore, caves , night diving with stargazing and bioluminescence, spear fishing, turtle spotting (Caretta caretta), dinners together, lots of laughs and making new friends made the week perfect. He also organised a beautiful accommodation right by the sea. Will be back next year but maybe a bit longer as a week is too short. Thanks again for this amazing experience!!"
"Yianni makes you feel comfortable in the water and that really helps you enjoy your time in the water. Highly recommend him!"
"A great mind in terms of coaching, very calm and supportive. I took several courses with Ioannis, and will take even more. He is one of the best coaches I have met, he helped me to watch things from different perspectives, which helped me to improve a lot, as a freediver, but as a person too."
"Having freedived in Zakhyntos with Ioannis was a great experience both for his helpfulness and coaching as well as for the beautiful sea. Hope to come again soon."
"Fantastic lessons and locations for freediving. Ioannis is professional, methological and friendly instructor. Will be returning 100%."
"It was great session! Good approach and great please! For sure I'll back for longer time."
"Really great experience! Gianni took us to explore a sunken shipwreck and it was so cool! We would have never found it without him . Def recommend!"
"Great instructor, patient, supportive and happy to railroad the training to fit your goals/preferences, had a lot of fun and hope to visit soon in Zakynthos."
"Beautiful day spent with Ioannis, a really nice guy who, with his precious advice, allowed me to practice freediving safely and with greater awareness...unfortunately I'm just starting out and I have a lot to learn. Thank you"
"A fantastic introduction to freediving. Yannis is an excellent teacher, funny and serious at the same time. I highly recommend !"
"Relaxed, fun, informative, helpful, beautiful and all them good things. Great time, no more to say. Thank you Ioannis 🤙🏼"
"great time With Ioannis in Chicago great Knowledge. till next time Broski 😍 two Thumbs Up symbol of Chicago is 4⭐ I'm Give You 5⭐⭐⭐"
"I have been diving with Freeflow for a couple of years now and i keep on coming back again and again. This year my 15yr old son is joining us for freediving and he is hooked! all thanks to Yiannis that is one of the coolest, funniest and most knowledgeable instructors i have met. He knows the island here in Zakynthos like the back of his hand and he will take you freediving at whatever level. From a novice to a champion, he knows you needs ! wanna get salty ? free flow is the place to be !! 🌊🌊"
"Thrilled to be coming back to dive with Yanni this October! The previous freediving experience with him was a dream. Stunning locations with rocks, caves, beautiful transparent water, and the greatest dude and instructor!!! Yanni is a super cool person, very fun, calm, inspired, professional, and attentive and safe! Always watching your back in the water, whether it's depth training or a relaxed snorkelling and diving for fun. Did my PB of 30m the last time, maybe this time will improve my results a little 🤘"
"I will be coming next time for sure! Pro guiding, great couching And such a friendly atmohosere on Our Dive trip! You have to contact him when you are in zakhyntos:)"
"probably my best vacation so far. and first freediving experience. Ioannis is a great instructor and a wonderful person. My relation with the sea and with water has dramatically changed, in the most positive way. thank you for everything, and really hoping to come again next year!"
"I did the Apnea Experience course with Joannis in June and I had such a great time there! I straight booked my next holiday for the end of August - I think this tells already, how much I liked it 🙂 The course was very good to get into the 'world of freediving' - theory, pool session and open water practice were part of it, so I felt safe and comfortable at any time. Like this we explored this stunning island and I got my first freediving experience. I had the feeling I was meeting friends on the island, even it was my first time there..! Thank you Ioannis - Looking forward to the end of the month!"
"From all the instructor team from Apnée Montpellier I want to thank you again for the amazing week we spent together! Greeted with a wonderful mood and deep kindness during our stay. Add to that the super skills as freediver but also as instructor, you provided us the tools to improve our technique greatly in a short period of time. I will definitely recommend it to whoever wants to enjoy freediving and to discover amazing spots in Zakynthos 😍🥰🤿✅"
"Yanni is a really wonderful dude. Very laidback, funny and interesting guy and teacher and an inspiring freediver. He made my brother and I feel super welcome and at ease from the moment we arrived on the island. He tailored our lessons to what we wanted and needed and was great fun to hang out with, taking us all over the island and showing us secret spots we would never have found on our own or on a boat cruise. I did a level 1 course and Yanni helped me massively improve my breatholding time and was very attentive and knowledgeable about relaxation techniques etc. Unfortunately I developed some sinus issues and Yanni again was great at advising me on how to manage this and able to work flexibly with me to make sure I did not push myself and postponed our diving to a later date which was very kind and wise. Would highly recommend zakynthos and free flow as the place to expand your freediving skills... you will love it! Thanks Yanni 🙂"
"Our experience with Ioannis was nothing but a BLAST ! Honestly everything was perfect during this incredible week and we can’t wait to come back freediving with him again ! We are a group of instructors coming from Apnée Montpellier in South of France 🇫🇷 and we were totally thrilled by the beauty of the island and the freediving spots, the kindness, efficiency and availability of Ioannis for us during this time, the different activities he brought us to (night dives, sailing boat trip, drone images, dry workshops, turtles encounters and so on), his patience, enthousiasm and energy ! We could not have dreamt of a better on site instructor 💪🌈👍 In plus, he took very good care of my Dad and my aunt who are no freedivers and now feel much more comfortable in the water. I do definitely recommend anyone who loves freediving, wants to improve in freediving or wants to discover the beauty of the underwater world to join him ! Thank you 🙏 Ioannis 😃💙🧜🏼‍♂️"
"Great freediving week in Zakynthos with Yanni from Free Flow! I'm a beginner in freediving. I was struggling with my EQ as well as with relaxation. Yanni helped me dealing with my issues, and I feel like I eventually made progress this week - yay! Yanni is a super instructor, very patient, and professional. He's a very attentive person, super friendly, and he is relaxed in every situation. He is like water 🙂 Besides the training, he introduced me to such great people, and I discovered many beautiful places and superb spots in Zakynthos! Can't wait to be back again 🙂"
"The session was a great experience and Yianni made us feel at ease very quickly! He took us to see great places and gave us some amazing recommendations, he really helped make our holiday amazing. Cannot recommend this experience highly enough, thank you so much! 😊"
"It was a pleasure and so much fun to spend the Freediving week with Ioannis and Monika in Zakynthos. I had great diving sessions, thanks to Ioannis who made us all feel relaxed and at ease. We explored caves, had wonderful night dives, turtle encounters and the chance to see the best spots on the Island. I took great memories back home and also some helpful tips and tricks for my further Training. It will definitely not be the last time to dive with Ioannis. 🙏"
"Great instructor!! We did the second level together. Very patient and educated!"
"My brother and I did the Apnea Academy Level 1 course with Ioannis and I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in starting free diving and learning about the theory, techniques and practice in open water. The course, a good mix of theory, pool time and open water, not only fulfilled the academy requirements but was tailored to our personal progression, interests, strengths and areas for improvement. Ioannis went over and beyond ticking the boxes by helping us sort equipment locally, finding the best and most beautiful dive sites, hooking us up with some local tours, adding additional exercises to the mix, showing us particular techniques and answering all the questions and queries we had. The course was a great introduction to the sport but also the wider ideas, lifestyle and theory behind it. In our 2 weeks on Zakynthos he was not only a great instructor but also a generous guide and caring friend who helped us through a real scare as well. Our time on the island and our experience would not have been the same without him and it was a real pleasure to have met him! Looking forward to the next dives together!"
"I had with Ioannis my frist two hours of free diving in the pool. What i was very surprised about, he noticed my main tension in the body in the shortest possible time and helped me to let go in the area. It is a wonderful way to get to know your own body, specifically related to breathing. Ioannis has a gift that he lives himself and can pass on wonderfully. Thank you for this experience of letting go. It was graet time in Zakynthos."
"J’ai beaucoup d’admiration pour les gens passionnés par leur activité et leur « savoir transmettre »"
"I spent the last 3 weeks with Ioannis to improve my free diving techniques. We spent every day in the water with deep diving training on the boye, training in the pool or fun dives. Ioannes has a keen sense of what is needed to change habits. I go home with lots of suggestions and video material. And in addition to all the training, he knows the island very well. He enjoys showing you the most beautiful places and is an absolutely pleasant diving and travel companion! Thank you very much, Ioannis!"
"I was so lucky to attend a workshop Ioannis had given lately in Germany. He explained techniques via video which was very helpful, especially for me as a beginner. In the Pool Ioannis was paying strict attention to all attendees, I felt safe during the whole workshop. Ioannis is a great instructor with an inspiring personality! You feel his passion for freediving and besides that he has a very good sense of humor. Can‘t wait to attend another workshop!"
"We took our 2 kids aged 8 & 6 for a lesson with Iannis and had an amazing experience! They immediately trusted Iannis and listened to his instruction. Even just after 1 lesson, they have become more confident in the water. No stopping them now! Such a nice family activity, something different too! Thank you Iannis. We may be back again soon 😁"
"Bei Ioannis ist man in den besten Händen. Er ist ein sehr guter Beobachter, Fehler werden direkt korrigiert. Bei ihm merkt man, das er liebt was er macht, Freediving. Er hat immer gute Laune und sorgt stets für Abwechslung. Bei meinen tiefen Tauchgängen habe ich mich sehr sicher gefühlt. Er ist einfach ganz große Klasse, Danke 😊"
"Ioannis has a wonderful attitude towards life and freediving. The four days apnea academy experience course was all that I hoped for. Relaxed, beautiful, and at the same time very educational. I learnt a lot, I experienced a lot, and I fell even deeper in love with freediving, the ocean, the mind, the body."
"My brother and I did the Apnea Academy Level 1 freediving course under Yanni’s freediving wisdom. We were greeted at the airport by Yanni, a handsome tall Greek fella with a million dollar smile. We spent the next week with Yanni learning the required theory, pool training sessions, and open water sessions. Yanni’s personal approach means that you’ll get 100% of his attention throughout the course. His interactive theory lessons covered material from Umberto Pelizzari’s Manual of Freediving, videos, and digital 3D models of human anatomy. Yanni taught us how to take a full breath (which surprised me), chest and lung expansion breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques. The pool training was rigorous and challenging. We did static apnea, dynamic apnea, CO2 and O2 tables. We did exercises in the water that we never thought we could do, and it inspired confidence. With no prior diving experience, I didn’t expect to be able to do a 3:16 static on day 2, a 75m DYN, and 8 sets of 25m DYN with only 1 breath in between on day 3. Yanni pushed us to go further, but never to the point of danger, safety always took precedence. Our open water dives were stunning. Yanni knows all the great local dive spots. He has a sharp eye for technique and will correct you if he sees poor form. We started with free immersion, getting comfortable diving with the rope and buoy setup, and transitioned to CWT. He is always there when you are doing a dive, making sure you are comfortable underwater. I had issues equalising at depth resulting in head pain, and Yanni suggested I equalise harder and more frequently, which worked! On our final open water session, everything clicked, and the dives felt amazing. We even did hangs at -15m. There’s no better feeling in the world than after coming up from a freedive. Complete euphoria, elation, and a big dumb smile on your face. We stayed in Zakynthos for 2 weeks, and after completing the Level 1 course in the first week, Yanni took us out for some fun dives to the blue caves, a shipwreck, and showed us the local beaches. Not only is he an expert instructor, but now also a great friend. Unfortunately we had a medical emergency unrelated to our diving course, and Yanni was there, calling the ambulance, translating at the ER room, and making sure everything was okay. A truly compassionate human being who went above and beyond when he didn’t have to. I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn freediving and meet Yanni. If you sign up for a freediving course with Yanni, you’re not just getting knowledge on the beautiful lifestyle of freediving, you’re also getting a great friend 🙂"
"If you like being in the water then you should definitely go freediving with Ioannis. He’s a great teacher, makes you feel really comfortable and confident. It’s a truly wonderful experience! I can’t wait to go again!"
"Ioannis, you are so professional and I definitely recommend you to everyone who wants to explore himself underwater. I felt so safe with you and confident, which make me reach -9m on first try. You make freediving fun and safe as your approach is focused more on relaxation, rather than performance. But, you know, goals are reached when you feel relaxed and confident. Thank you for the great experience and I am looking forward to our next freediving course."
"Ioannis will not only teach you everything you need to know on how to free dive he will also show you amazing spots around the island that you wouldn't find in any online source or trip advisor. I'm sure our trip to Zakynthos wouldn't be half as good as it was if we didn't know him."
"If you’re ever in Zakynthos, find Free Flow and Ioannis, he’ll take you around underwater to freedive along the cliffs, explore the caves and numerous swimthroughs 🐬 Ioannis is friendly and professional, good times guaranteed 🙌🙌🙌😎"
"Zakynthos - Freediving - Free Flow belongs definitely together! From now one of my favourites places in the world for freediving, chilling and hanging out. Thank you Bro for the ‚god‘ time!!😅 See you in the Blue💙"
Just finished a two week stay with Iannis, during which he taught me a level 3 Apnea Academy course. I've been freediving in a fair few places around the world since the early 90's. Let me start by saying that Zakynthos is quite a breathtaking island, both for freediving as well as exploring. From all the freediving instructors I've had the opportunity of interacting with in my life, Iannis is truely above and beyond. First his professional knowledge and ability to convey it is world class. He takes the time to really look into each student's specific needs and how to better help them develop. As a person, I'm still attempting to come to terms with his level of kindness, welcoming and pleasure of being with. There are sincerely numerous aspects for me to look up to and learn from a person like Iannis. Being with him is like spending time with your best friend, doing what you love most. Last bust not least, the format he has put together is completely unique. You get to dive in amazing locations and discover the island in the most enjoyable way imaginable. All in all a profoundly amazing experience that I greatly look forward to repeating. If you have yet to dive with Ianni, do yourselves a favor and go ahead with doing so. In gratitude, Noa Markou
Excellent and detailed in his work! Above all, a good person! Thank you very much!

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Free Flow is a freediving and first aid school by Ioannis Aliazis, based on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

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