This is a course for children over 7 years of age according to the KAD academy standards.

The KAD (Kids as Dolphins) academy has been teaching children to freedive for over 30 years.
It has primarily been working withing its native Italy but it has recently opened its gates to the international community so I jumped at the opportunity and am one of the only two KAD instructors in the country at this point.

Three decades of experience means that this academy has a very specific and well researched approach in teaching children how to freedive. The key concept is to treat children as children and not as small adults, because research has shown that there are several significant differences in the body's makeup and ways in which children and adults learn.

These lessons usually take place over the winter in a pool so that your child can be well prepared for the summer. If you are coming to Zakynthos for vacation, we can do a Flipper course that can take from 3 to 7 days.

Given the sensitive nature of this course, please message me to talk specifics.

Kids As Dolphins

Variable duration

This course is usually done in a pool but can be taught outdoors as well.


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About Free Flow

Free Flow is a freediving and first aid school by Ioannis Aliazis, based on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

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