This course is based on Apnea Academy standards (and is eligible for a certification card upon completion).

The goal of this course is for you to perform satisfactorily and get you a good and thorough introduction to freediving so you have a solid foundation to continue your exploration.

To pass this course, you need to perform a static apnea of 1:45, a DYN (dynamic with bifins) of 30m, a DNF (dynamic without fins) of 25m and a CWT (constant weight with bifins) of -8m.

We will discover freediving equipment and different disciplines, the physics of immersion, the oxygen cycle, the aquatic nature of man, equalization techniques, duck dives, the dangers of apnea, prevention, assistance, the ocean environment and moving in it, the system of pairs, basic breathing, relaxation and cleansing exercises, proper swimming technique, static apnea and assistance for it, buoyancy, technique underwater and diving in the open water in various disciplines.

Please make sure to have water with you to stay hydrated.

Apnea Academy Level 1

7 days / 400 euros Pool fees not included

Theory / Pool session at a 25m pool in Zakynthos town.
Open water session anywhere depending on weather.


  • - Gear (Please contact me ahead of time if you need gear)
  • - Liability form submission
  • - Car rental to move around the island (I recommend this local company - mention my name)

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