This course is based on Apnea Academy standards (and is eligible for a certification card upon completion).

The goal of this course is for you to advance to becoming a competent freediver in all aspects of the practice, physically, mentally and technically.

The minimum amount of time for this course is 4 theory lessons, 6 breathing / relaxation / eustachian exercises lessons, 20 hours of pool training and 12 hours of open water training.

To pass this course, you need to perform a static apnea of 3:00, a DYN (bifins) of 70m, a DNF of 55m, a DYN (bifins) of 25m at -5m, a victim recovery from -15m and a CWT (bifins) of -25m.

We will discover diet for freediving, advanced concepts of physical and mental training, advanced breathing, relaxation techniques and visualization, advanced tubular aerobics and equalization techniques, static apnea training, swimming technique, dynamic technique in different disciplines, partial exhale apnea, object and victim recovery and putting all the above into practice in open water.

The topics covered are more advanced and a lot more time is allocated to actually practicing the concepts learned so that you can have a competent profile at the end of the course.

Please make sure to have water with you to stay hydrated.

Apnea Academy Level 3

14 days / 600 euros

Theory / Pool session at a 25m pool in Zakynthos town.
Open water session anywhere depending on weather.


  • - Gear
  • Weight belt
  • - Exercise mat
  • - Fitness certificate from a doctor

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About Free Flow

Free Flow is a freediving and first aid school by Ioannis Aliazis, based on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

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